Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6)

Hong Kong Christian Service
Lei Cheng Uk Nursery School


Our school advocates and stresses on Montessori Education, which helps  nurture children’s ability and spirits in independence and self-motivation. It helps children understand the abstract concepts through sensory exploration, promote their sense of discipline. It also provides a solid foundation for children in learning mathematics and languages and the related scopes.

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School News
    Video Highlights
    Compliments from Parents
    Yao Yao’s father
    “I felt really frustrated when I was helping my son in potty training. But thanks to the teacher at my son’s school who told me to prepare better facility at home, I succeeded in training my son by setting up a small toilet that was suitable for my son.”
    Shengsheng’s mother
    “Before Shengsheng’s surgery, we received cards of encouragement from the headmaster, school supervisor and teachers. Each blessing in the card was great support to him. Thank you for all your love and care”
    Langlang’s mother
    “I’m grateful for his teacher’s care and emotional support in the early stages of his schooling, which allowed him engaged to the school life quickly.”
    Minmin’s mother
    “I’m grateful to the school team for providing extensive care and teaching the kids despite the challenges under the pandemic. Thank you also for always caring and encouraging the parents as well. I really appreciate it.”
    Additional Resources
    1. Our school was granted $15,105 by the Education Bureau under the “Promotion of Reading Grant for Kindergartens Pilot Scheme” in 2020/2021 to purchase books and promote reading activities.
    2.  Our school was granted $20,000 from the EDB to improve the school’s website.
    3. Our school was granted $51,480 under the “Home-School Co-operation Scheme” (2020/21 school year) as recurring grants for the PTA and grants for home-schooling cooperation activities.
    4. Our school was granted $4,000 for greening activities under the “Greening School Subsidy Scheme” organized by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.
    5. Our school received a series of free English storybooks and reading pens from “Uncle Tien English Reading Program” for 35 students in the Senior Class and 29 students in the Nursery Class for encouraging children to have independent learning.
    6. Our school was awarded an administrative grant of $2000 by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust in the form of the Jockey Club’s “Play with Kids” Parent-Child Boxes, which were given to 300 children in our school to encourage parent-child interactions and to foster a harmonious family atmosphere.
    7. Our school was granted a total of $562,125 from “KeySteps at JC” for three years (2018-2021) to support the recruitment of nursery teachers.
    8. Our school received an additional grant of up to $30,000 from “KeySteps at JC” for the period from start of this year to July 2021, which was applied in purchase supplies and teaching materials for the enhancement of learning environment and providing quality education for our children.
    9. Our school was granted a total of $109,869 from the “JC Kindergarten Digital Capacity Enhancement Scheme” to support the purchase of computers, and filming and editing software to train teachers in respect to the use of electronic devices and multimedia tools.
    10. Our school received a total of $94,000 from the EDB’s “Book Grant Scheme” and “Small Craft and Resource Kit Scheme” to support the adoption of educational and fun learning activities at home.